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  • ECO Club Update: Seedlings Make an Appearance while our Potatoes are Still Chitting

    Wed 09 Mar 2022 Mrs Parry

    We were very excited to see that some of the seedings we planted before half term had germinated!  We now have Lavender and Coleus seedlings which we are nurturing and which we hope to plant out in pots and beds around the school when they are fully grown.  We also hope to sell any extra plants we have, so fingers crossed for a lot of successful plants!


    Our potatoes continue to chit and are developing healthy looking sprouts.  They will carry on chitting for a few more weeks then we will plant them at the end of March.  

  • ECO Club make a start to the planting season

    Wed 16 Feb 2022 Mrs Parry

    The 2022 planting season has officially begun.  ECO CLUB are planning to plant potatoes but we need to let them 'chit' for a few weeks before they will be ready to go in the ground.  We made posters explaining this process and have put our 'chitting' potatoes around the school for our classmates to see.  We are hoping to plant them when the weather is warmer - hopefully in April.