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Internet Safety

Internet Safety at FCVS


Our pupils are growing up in a world of ever-changing technology. While we feel that the use of technology is a largely positive aspect of modern life and children enjoy their use of digital media, we cannot ignore the associated risks.


At FCVS, we embed our online safety learning in the Computing and PSHE curriculum. We consider these issues when delivering our teaching, using '' for lessons and resources:


  • Media balance and Well-being
  • Privacy and Security
  • Digital footprint and Identity
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Cyberbullying
  • News and Media literacy


Mobile Phones

Pupils must not have mobile phones with them in school. The few Junior School pupils who do need to bring them to school, perhaps because they walk on their own, must hand their switched-off phone in at reception when they arrive at school and collect it at the end of the day. In school, pupils should not wear smart watches which allow them to access the internet, social media, messaging or phones.


Please see the links below for further guidance and advice on issues surrounding online safety.