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‘Together Taking Learning Above and Beyond’

Our Curriculum Vision



Working together to be a caring, creative learning environment, enabling all to be excellent.




We believe that building a safe nurturing environment, where all of our learning community can flourish, involves a child-centred approach to education. We provide an inspiring, challenging curriculum, based on creative learning and rich first-hand experiences both inside and outside the classroom that sparks enquiring minds and develops resourcefulness. Our inclusive approach promotes community values, builds resilience and consideration for those around us and enables all of our learners to reach their full potential.




Respect - we are inclusive to all within our community and understanding of different beliefs, values and faiths.

Resilience – we maintain our positive attitude when facing challenges.

Innovation – we find better solutions by using our imagination and creativity.

Empathy –  we show understanding for other people’s feelings and views.

Integrity – we are always honest and remain true to our principles.




Our curriculum is designed to be skills based and knowledge rich, providing a variety of engaging, ambitious and diverse learning opportunities to meet the needs of all individuals. Plans are sequenced so that pupils build on what they have learned before. They will benefit from a range of first hand learning experiences, both indoors and out. Our local community and environment play an important role in our curriculum.


As a result, pupils will be creative, critical thinkers who demonstrate a positive attitude towards their learning. Showing independence and resilience, they will become caring and effective communicators, collaborators and leaders who are able to interact successfully and respectfully with everyone. By the end of each year we aim to ensure that all pupils are ready for the next stage of their education and development. 




We use the following to drive our planning of the curriculum and the way we teach lessons:


  • Knowledge and Skills - teaching and revisiting knowledge so pupils remember their learning over time and building on the core skills they need for the next phase of their education.
  • Quality Experiences - children learning through engaging and diverse experiences whether in or out of the classroom.
  • Making Connections - linking learning within subjects, across the curriculum or throughout their time in school so that children can put what they learn into context.
  • Challenge for all - we are ambitious in what we teach and we make sure all children can access the curriculum and are driven to achieve to the best of their ability.  




  • Committed and invested practitioners with excellent subject knowledge
  • Supported and well organised learning environment
  • Diverse learning
  • High quality visit each term
  • An expert visitor each term
  • Relevant and real purpose for learning
  • Practical opportunities
  • Learning outside the classroom once a week
  • Quality opportunities to learn across the curriculum
  • Constructive and timely feedback
  • Weekly PSHE
  • Element of choice
  • Regular access to nrich mathematics activities