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Year Five ( Cedar & Hawthorn)

Secondary School Admission September 2020

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Porridge Pot

Mr Yiacoumi and Mr Byrne would love to welcome you to Year Five's page!  We look forward to having an amazing year learning in Hawthorn and Cedar Class. Please watch this space for updates, including photos of learning and trips! You can find spelling lists in the home learning area, and copies of letters home, curriculum maps and Parent Workshop materials can be found in the links below! Please make sure to check out the useful age related links section for some excellent websites that children and parents can both enjoy!



Maths (26.06.18) - In Maths this week the children have been looking at measurement with a focus on length. Today, in their Maths lesson, Hawthorn went outside and tried to solve the problem 'How tall is this tree?'.

Science (20.04.18) - Living things and their habitats 


In our Science lessons this term, Year 5 are learning about how plants, animals and 

humans reproduce.


In their first lesson of the topic, Hawthorn explored the different parts of a plant by dissecting a daffodil as a way of identifying what they look like as well as 

understanding the importance and role of each part. 

Maths (19.04.18) - In Maths we have been learning about angles and during the lesson today the children went on an angles hunt around the school.

Art (18.04.18) In ART this week the children were drawing the surroundings of their school using pastels

Maths (20.11.17): In Maths this week we have been learning about division. We have been using manipulatives to solve complex division sums and word problems.

Trip to the Neasden Temple - 16.11.2017

Outdoor cooking - Viking Bread (19/10/17)

Viking Workshop - 22/09/17