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‘Together Taking Learning Above and Beyond’



At FCVS, we aim to provide rich first hand learning experiences to enable the children to learn about the world around them and to develop an understanding of how Science relates to everyday life. The children learn investigative problem solving skills and design their own experiments to prove or disprove their own scientific theories.


We follow the National Curriculum for Science which includes: Scientific Enquiry, Life Processes and Living Things, Materials and their Properties. We endeavour to link Science to the class topics , and to link it to other curriculum subjects including Maths, English,  ICT and Design Technology. 


Children in Early Years follow the guidelines for Science included in the EYFS 'Understanding the World'. The work is largely exploratory and may involve activities such as looking at insects, or watching ice melt. 


In Key Stage One, Science lessons are focused around animals and their habitats, plants and everyday materials. Activities are practical whenever possible to ensure understanding and the children are encouraged to develop the skills of observation, predicting, experimenting, and recording results. Much use is made of the outside environment which includes a wooded area. Skills are also further developed within Forest School sessions.


In Key Stage Two, children participate in the Big Science Competition, which the school won in 2015. This an excellent vehicle for children to think outside the box and design experiments which answer big questions in Science. We have also participated in Science days at local secondary schools to investigate and find solutions to scientific ideas. We strike a balance between practical science investigation and theory, learning outside when possible.