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Year 1

Hello Year 1!


From now on, to keep things simple and in one place, all of your home learning tasks and resources will be shared via Tapestry.

We would also like you to upload your completed work on Tapestry so that we can see all of the wonderful things you've been doing. 


If you have any problems logging in, please contact the school office. 


See you over on Tapestry!

From The Year 1 Team

Year 1 Home Learning for 5th January 2021

Home learning for 6/1/21- 8/1/21


Our first forest video

What adjectives can you use to describe the forest? Can you see any evergreen or deciduous trees?

Wednesday's English lesson

Hello! Please watch the video of the forest first before watching this.

Our second Forest video

See if you can find a special visitor.

Thursday's English catch up lesson

Please watch the second forest video before watching this one.

Thursday's foxes

Friday's catch up English lesson


Wednesday's Maths catch up lesson

This is an extra explanation for those of you unable to join the Zoom call today. (Wednesday 6th January 2021)

Thursday's Maths Video

Friday's catch up Maths lesson


KS1 Science: Evergreen and Deciduous Trees

A Science video to help you understand and recognise the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees .