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Writing Task - Charlotte's Web

Writing Task from Isolation Plan

In this extract Fern is doing her best to look after Wilbur, and treating him as a pet although he is a farmyard animal. Do you have a pet? What do you do to look after it? If you don’t, what kind of pet would you choose to have? What do you think makes for the best pet? What do you look for in one — friendship, loyalty, humour, beauty, exercise, warmth?

Write some instructions for how to choose and look after your dream pet. It could be whatever you choose: dog, cat, goldfish, hamster — or something exotic: snake, tarantula, llama…or pig! You could even invent a new creature that combines the best of several different animals.
Explain to someone else why your pet is the perfect choice then how to select one, provide food and shelter, exercise and look after it.
Are there special things the owner would need to know or do to care for it properly?


Watch the videos below on the five welfare needs of pets and the video on how to write instructions. Look at the good example of how to care for a cat and then have a go at writing your own.


You can do this by hand in your isolation book or on a computer.

Example set of instructions