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Week commencing 6th July

Please note: 

Mrs Thomas and Miss Ruck will be in school Mon-Fri this week.


Writing Task

As Year 3 is coming to an end, we would like you to use your letter writing skills to write a letter to us (Miss Ruck or Mrs Thomas) about what you have enjoyed this year and what are looking forward to in Year 4.


Word families are groups of words that have a common feature, pattern or meaning.

They share a base or root word.

For example:    solve, dissolve, solution, solving

Can you use of these words are write as many other 'family' words as you can:

- help       e.g. helper

- friend       e.g. friendship

- pass         e.g.  passage

- medicine    e.g. medic

- press       e.g. pressing

Add your list of words to the WORD 2do on purple mash.


Equivalent Fractions Lesson

Sorry, it's a bit of a long lesson this week! Equivalent fractions are tricky to explain over a powerpoint!  For a shorter explanation, head over to the BBc bitesize videos. :)

White Rose Video 1

White Rose Video 2

The Mystery of the Spoiled Party Bags

You can find the maths problems to solve the mystery in the booklet. This can be printed out or use your home learning book to write down your notes. Happy detecting...

The Suspects...

Solve the maths problems in the booklet to be able to rule out possible suspects!

Helpful Hints (Mystery of the spoiled party bags)

This week, we would like you to become sun scientists for the week and carry out some observations.  
First, choose one or more of the tests below to carry out 
- Place some newspaper in direct sunlight and another in a dark cupboard.  Place a piece of fruit in direct sunlight and another in the shade, both outdoors. Bananas work well. - Place some interesting shapes on a piece of sugar paper in direct sunlight and place a similar group in a dark cupboard. 
Then open the Purple Mash Comparative Test 2:Do. Note down what your experiment is going to be, what equipment you are using and your method. Make a prediction and then write down your observations at the end of the week. Try to draw a conclusion to explain what happened. 
The Great Outdoors

Reading Activities