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Week commencing 29th June

Please note:

Mrs Thomas will be in school- Mon, Tue, Wed

Miss Ruck will be in school- Wed, Thurs, Fri


Writing a Diary Entry Lesson


There are lots of great online lessons and resources to do with fractions that will help you this week. We have linked some of them below. You can choose to watch or complete as many of the lessons as you would like to. 

Fractions of an amount Lesson

White Rose Lesson 1

White Rose Lesson 2


You might like to make a sundial. In time before clocks, people used the sun and shadows to tell the time of day (do you think they would be as accurate as clocks?).


You will need:
* a paper plate
* scissors

* glue
* Plasticine
* a pencil

*pictures at end of document.

1 Carefully cut out the pictures and arrange to look like a clock.
2 Glue down.
3 Put Plasticine on other side of plate.
4 Push a pencil through the middle of the plate into the Plasticine - this your dial.
5 Take outside and see if you can use to help you tell the time.


Don’t forget to save a photo of your work into your work file in Purple Mash. You might also like to share with everyone on the school blog.
The Great Outdoors