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Week commencing 13th July

Please note: 

Mrs Thomas & Miss Ruck will be in school Mon-Fri


We look forward to seeing lots of you on Wednesday (10am-2pm) when you pick up your belongings.


Adding and Subtracting Fractions Lesson

This is "Adding and Subtracting Fractions Lesson" by Miss Ruck on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



This week we want you to have some fun at home with some cool science experiments.


Cornflour slime – make a non-Newtonian liquid which reacts to pressure.


You will need:

A large bowl, food colouring, 200-300g cornflour.


  1. Put cornflour in bowl.
  2. Add the water gradually until it becomes thick and hardens when you drop it.
  3. Add a few drops of food colouring


Put your hands in the slime and experiment with it, what happens when you pick it up? Do you think it’s a solid or a liquid?


Dancing raisins – watch as the carbon dioxide bubbles propel the raisins to the top of the glass.


You will need:

Club soda or another clear soda (7-Up, Sprite, etc, unopened is best) and raisins (fresh works best, separate them so they can dance).


  1. Fill a glass with your chosen drink.
  2. Drop raisins into the glass. What happens? Do they sink or float?
  3. Then sit and watch what happens. You may need to be patient. It can take a minute or two for them to start moving.


Fizzy colours – make a chemical reaction!


You will need:

White vinegar, several different food colourings, bicarbonate of soda, paintbrush or medicine syringe, plastic cups and big flat tray.


  1. Put some bicarbonate of soda in the tray.
  2. Drop a few blobs of food colouring into the plastic cup and then half fill with vinegar.
  3. Either suck up a few drops with the syringe or collect a few drops ons on the paintbrush.
  4. Then drip onto tray with bicarbonate of soda. What happens?
  5. Drip another colour on and mix – what can you see in the mixture?


Don’t forget to save a photo of your work into your work file in Purple Mash. You might also like to share with everyone on the school blog.