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‘Together Taking Learning Above and Beyond’

Week 1 January 6th-8th


Maths Video

You can watch this if you missed the zoom and would like 'Teacher Input' or if you would like extra practise.


Our new science topic is 'Rocks and Fossils'. Here are the activities and resources you can use throughout the week to begin to explore this topic.


1. Draw a mind map of anything you already know about 'Rocks and Fossils'. It could be different types, what they're used for, how they are made...

(Or make it on the Purple Mash 2do)

2. Read the powerpoint to learn about the Layers of the Earth

3. Draw a poster with a diagram to show the layers of the Earth or

Make a model of the different layers from playdoh and label them.


Extra- You may like to research the different layers of the Earth and find a interesting fact for each one. e.g. How hot does the mantle become?  How deep is the crust?   What is the inner core made from?

Structure Of The Earth Video