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‘Together Taking Learning Above and Beyond’

Summer 2 Week 1 (01.06.2020)

Instructions for the week

English Resources

Phonics Videos

Mr Mc phonics 1 for Mrs Gill/Mrs Weller/Mrs Liang/Miss Holliday's phonics groups

a phonics lesson to teach ar

Mr Mc lesson 2

The next phonics lesson, learning the digraph 'or'

Mr Mc lesson 3

Today's lesson will involve learning the digraph 'ur'. This is video 1 of 2. A game will be uploaded later.

Handwriting videos

Handwriting page 22

Here is page 22 of the booklet

Handwriting page 23

Here is a demonstration of page 23 of the booklet

Handwriting page 24

Here is a demonstration of page 24 of the booklet

Maths Resources

Days of the week song

Watch the days of the week song and sing along!

Science Resources

Optional Extras

Make your own book mark instructions


Mrs Moore reads Tad. This is a story about a small tadpole who is afraid of a big fish. What do you think will happen in the end of the story?