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‘Together Taking Learning Above and Beyond’


Involvement in sport can promote academic, social and emotional progress for the child as well as aid their physical development. It provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes character building, co-operation and self-esteem.


We teach the underlying skills and principles of all the main sports, and this progresses throughout the school. The children are taught a wide range of sports including: ball skills, gymnastics, athletics, team games, large equipment, dance and outdoor activities and swimming. They develop personal competence, and an appreciation of skilful and creative performance across all these areas, which equips them with the experience in physical activity, which is hoped, will continue throughout life. Lessons are adapted where required for SEND pupils.


Pupils are encouraged to appreciate the importance of a healthy and fit body and mind, and begin to understand those factors that affect health and fitness.

All teaching staff deliver PE with their own classes. In addition, specialist sports coaches deliver some lessons and clubs in KS2.


Each year group has 2 hours of PE and sport each week. In addition, we also provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities before school, during lunchtimes and after school; please see the club timetables for more details.


We have a comprehensive program of Professional Development for staff through the School Sport Co-ordinator Program, utilising the Sports Funding.


The school is a member of the South Buckinghamshire School Sport Partnership and capitalises on the network support from Primary Link Teachers (PLTs) as well as attending many competitions held in local primary and secondary schools.




We have a wide range of resources and facilities available to support PE teaching across the schools. Learning takes place in the school halls, playgrounds or Junior school grass field where appropriate. We have a large range of equipment in the PE store, large apparatus in both halls, and we expect the children to help set up and put away this equipment as part of their work. By so doing, the children learn to handle equipment safely.


The children use the school field and playgrounds for games, athletics and OAA activities, and the local swimming pool for swimming lessons in year 4. Occasionally, children use the adjoining sports club facilities, in particular the large field and tennis courts (upper KS2). On these occasions, there are always at least two members of staff present for individual classes and far more staff when used for whole school activities such as our annual cross country event.



It is an entitlement to provide each pupil with 2 hours of high quality physical activity within or outside of the curriculum.   Each class receives 2 hours of physical education per week, comprising of 2 x 1 hour sessions.


Pupils usually take part in one indoor and one outdoor lesson per week. The hall is used for indoor PE and the playground and field is used for outdoor PE.

This includes the 5 national curriculum areas of dance, gymnastics, invasion games, swimming and athletics.


Swimming is included during Year 4. Each Year 4 class will go swimming for 1 hour each week for a term.


In a PE lesson teachers will ensure that pupils are active for the majority of the lesson.  PE lessons are structured with a warm up, skill development and application, cool down.


Each lesson incorporates the 4 aspects of learning;

  • Acquiring and developing skills
  • Selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas
  • Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health
  • Evaluating and improving performance


Safe Practice

All teachers are made aware of the Safe Practice in PE Guidelines, LA Health and Safety Guidelines as well as the School’s Health and Safety Policy and risk assessments. When using off-site facilities, Off-site visit guidelines are applied.