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Thank you to Mrs Clewley who has clarified some of the teaching in this resource:


"Balanced forces means that an object remains stationary OR at a constant speed. This is because if a net force acts on an object, its velocity will change (i.e. it will either speed up, slow down, start moving, or change direction). If the forces on an object are balanced, its velocity will remain unchanged.


If you jump out of an airplane and employ your parachute, if the forces are balanced you will keep falling at a constant speed. If the air resistance is larger than the force of gravity, you will accelerate, whereas if the air resistance is bigger than the force of gravity, you will decelerate. If the forces are balanced, the parachutist will *not* remain floating in the air without falling, unless he was stationary already!" Mrs Clewley


Sorry for any confusion and thanks to Mrs Clewley for her expert assistance. We will continue to review the online resources used to ensure accuracy but please get in touch with any queries.