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‘Together Taking Learning Above and Beyond’


The Importance and Purpose of teaching P.S.H.E.:


At Farnham Common Village School we aim to be a health promoting community in the broadest sense. We therefore offer, in partnership with our families and the wider community, broad and balanced educational experiences both within and beyond the taught curriculum, to develop attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding conducive to good physical, mental and social health for all.

PSHE enables children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society.


We encourage our pupils to contribute positively and proactively to the life of the school and the wider community. In so doing, we develop their sense of value, self worth and an awareness of the role they can play in society, both now and in their future lives.

We teach them how society is organised and ensure that they experience the process of democracy in school.


We teach them about rights and responsibilities and to value the richness and opportunities arising from living as equal partners in a diverse and multicultural world.

It supports all five outcomes of the ECM agenda and provides a context for school to fulfil our responsibilities to:

· promote the physical, social and emotional well-being of pupils;

· provide sex and relationships education;

· promote community cohesion;

· achieve the aims of the whole curriculum.


Through PSHE, we endeavour to foster the notions of responsibility and empowerment to promote a sense of achievement and to enhance self-confidence.

PSHE education is guided by the values of:

· Honesty;

· Kindness;

· Trust;

· Responsibility;

· Friendship;

· Self-control;

· Empathy;

· Respect;

· Tolerance.





Reflecting our absolute commitment to Every Child Matters, the school aims, through its practices and provision, to create an environment and ethos which enable children to:


  • to give pupils the knowledge and develop the self esteem, confidence and self-awareness to make informed choices and decisions
  • to encourage and support the development of social skills and social awareness
  • to enable pupils to make sense of their own personal and social experiences
  • to promote responsible attitudes towards the maintenance of good physical and mental health, supported by a safe and healthy lifestyle;
  • Make informed choices and select behaviour to avoid potential causes of disease, accident and disability
  • Be aware of safety issues
  • Assume increasing responsibility for their own well-being and relationships
  • Grow into caring responsible adults who are able to form stable relationships with others
  • Understand and respect others’ beliefs, values and lifestyles
  • to enable effective interpersonal relationships and develop a caring attitude towards others;
  • to encourage a caring attitude towards and responsibility for the environment;
  • to help our pupils understand and manage their feelings;
  • to understand how society works and the rights and responsibilities involved.

PSHE at Farnham Common Junior School

Circle time in Years 3,4,5 and 6