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Bucks and Milton Keynes School Games Final Day 9th July 2020

The School Games team has organised a virtual competition that everyone can get involved in. 

Sports included are athletics, boccia, cricket, football, gymnastics, tennis and tri-golf. Have a look at the powerpoint for more details, you can join in the fun at home or at school if you are in a bubble. Post any challenges you do on the school blog or share them (see below) for the chance to win a School Games Medal and virtual certificate.

Don't worry - you don't have to do the activities on the 9th July - you can always do them a day or two before or the day or two after! You have until Sunday 12th July 11.59pm to enter any results online,  please click here and follow the instructions.

The School Games team are always keen to see the challenges you do on social media and say if you do, use the hashtags #BMKVirtualSG and tag @SSPSouthBucks @yourschoolgames.


For additional games, challenges and video demonstrations, please click here to go to the School Games site. 

Celebrate National School Sports Week


The School Games team has put a video together to express that 'We're all in this together'.

You can watch it here - you might recognise a few faces!




Sport Leaders’ Blog


Need some more ideas to keep you fit and healthy? Our Y6 sports leaders will be adding their top tips to keep you busy every week.


Fun ways to improve walks by Mia Wylie.

Being nagged by your parents to get outside and finding it boring? If so, here is your solution. 


This is a list of free apps you can get on your phone/ipad or your parents' phone: 

Seek by inaturalist     

Seek is an app that combines identifying plants and different challenges to do. For example, go into the camera section and you can identify a horse chestnut or any plant, flower or animal you come across. Then if this is your first time identifying a plant, you will get the bronze plant badge. Earn badges to move up different levels. Don’t forget to take part in the monthly challenges! PS: If you want to find a mammal, identify yourself, it works :)

Fitness tracker

If you have a fitness tracker (Fitbit etc ) then try and set yourself a challenge, for example, run for 5km. Then the next time you do it, try and beat your time.

YouTube exercise videos

YouTube is a great place to find child-friendly workout videos. You can get your family to join in or do it by yourself, but either way is a great way to keep healthy. Joe Wick and Chloe Ting are good examples.   

SkyView Lite

If you are camping in the garden or going for a night time walk, then try this app. SkyView Lite will show you constellations, maybe a planet and, if you are lucky, the International Space Station!


I hope you have liked my suggestions. Stay safe and have fun!!!!



Staying Active at Home


Hi it’s Isla and Amelia (FCJS sports leaders) and these are some things you can do to not just enjoy doing sport but to get physically and mentally fit as well.

Morning Workout!
No matter what you feel like doing, a morning workout is essential to get energized, fit and have a better mindset. For instance doing an exercise or dance class, some yoga or going on a run can make you a nicer person altogether. Exercise promotes chemicals (known as endorphins) in the brain that make you more relaxed and improve your mood. Doing exercise reduces anxiety and raises self-esteem, why not do it in the morning so you will have positive energy all day?


Not only is a morning workout good for us mentally, it is also good for us physically. It improves flexibility, balance, strength and your health overall.

Why not try this…
* 2 push ups
* 10 star jumps
* Run on the spot for 20 seconds
* 10 squats
* 15 normal jumps
* and finally high
 knees for 20 seconds.


Try doing this every morning for a whole month!


Fitness Course!

If you have a bigger space, a fitness course around your garden is a great way to stay active and can be super fun. All you need is a few things and you’re ready to go (tip: leave a ball at the other end of the garden!).


  • Start off with 10 star jumps 
  • Run to the other end of your garden 
  • Throw the ball up in the air and try to catch it, see if you can do this 5 times in a row.
  • After that, run one lap of your garden 
  • Then, if you have a skipping rope, you can do 1 minute of skipping 
  • Finally, do a forward roll (if you can!).


You could time yourself and every time you do it, try to be faster than the last time you did it. That way you can track your progress and see how much you have improved.


Supermovers is also available for short bursts of exercise – or for when it’s raining outside!


Skip your way to fitness


Hi Ruby and Izzy here, your Sports Leaders from Farnham Common Junior School and we want to take some time to speak to you on how we are keeping active at home.


  • Long walks with family members
  • Walking my dog
  • Making obstacles courses outside
  • Playing football in the garden
  • Trampolining


We found this very enjoyable therefore we are going to share some ideas with you guys. 

A good way to keep fit is to do some skipping challenges. You will need the following items for your challenges: a skipping rope (if you do not have a skipping rope you could use the wire of your washing line or you could use your dressing gown cord).


You could skip on the spot for 5 minutes and see how many skips you do. You could then repeat every day and see how many more you can do as you get fitter.


Also you could run and skip at the same time across your lawn in the garden and this way you would be doing double the fitness by running and skipping. You may also time yourself doing this and compare the time each day to see if you are getting better. 


Have fun!



How to stay fit and have fun by Axel and Rio


Here are some ways to get off your sofa, be energetic but most importantly have fun! These exercises require little to no equipment which you should find in every house, but if not try and find an alternate option.



Try this routine:

Forward roll 2 times. 

Drop down to a plank - see below for our plank challenge.

5 to 10 push ups.

Stand up.

Try a cartwheel.

Straight jump, tuck jump, star jump continuously 3 times each.

Repeat this routine until you are able to do it without faults.


Ninja Warrior Course

Use box lids or paving slaps to make a flat or raised Quintuple Steps like the picture below.



Next run and find a narrow corridor in your home, jump up with your hands and feet on the walls and climb across the wall and jump down, this is a Spider Wall.



After that, one strong person drops down the stairs a large sheet and the other person at the bottom pulls themselves up, mimicking a Rope Climb.

Finally, use either the edge of a table or kitchen island to do the Cliff-hanger.  Working your way along the entire length using just your fingertips and your legs will be dangling in mid-air!

Time this a few times and see if you can improve.              


Plank Competition

Challenge your family to a plank holding competition where if you lose you have to do ten press-ups. Try to do this everyday to beat your previous time. If you want more of a challenge you could face time your friends to see who is the champion.


Timed running

Try to time how fast you can run a certain distance. If you’re really going for it, you could try to run a kilometre but if you wanted to you could run 100 metres (you could also do this with your bike or scooter) then see how much faster you can become in a week, 2 weeks and even a month.



We will be adding to this page regularly so do keep visiting and if you have some ideas you’d like to share, please let us know. 



By Sophie Stephens 


When you exercise, your heart beats faster and pumps more blood around your body. Your breathing becomes heavier because your muscles are working harder, and more oxygen is needed. Your body burns more energy when you exercise. Energy is also known as calories.


Exercise is good for your muscles because it builds and strengthens them, which can protect your bones from any injuries.


To prepare for and to recover from a workout, it is good to drink lots of water, eat protein and stretch your muscles.


You should exercise for around thirty minutes a day.

School Games Virtual Challenge


Every week, the Bucks & MK Virtual School Games is launching a virtual challenge to keep you active at home. You can compete against yourself, your family and even others across the county. 


Each week an SGO from Bucks and MK will post a new challenge on Monday morning, clearly demonstrating how it works and any rules. All the virtual challenges are activities that can be done home, with minimal equipment.


All you need to do is have a go, practise the challenge and then get someone in your household to video your attempt of the challenge. If you would like to compete against other young people across the county, simply upload your attempt on any social media platform and use the hashtag #BMKVirtualSG. Or you can share on our school blog or email Home Learning if you like.


Each activity will be open for 2 weeks with winners of each category being rewarded with a School Games Medal and Virtual Certificate.


Find out more by clicking here.


Have fun!

Website of the week 


To keep everyone in the family active and motivated when out and about for their daily walk, the Daily Mile have reinvented themselves as The Daily Mile At Home.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there lots of weekly challenges, for example this week you could have worn too-big t-shirts, blue or counted rainbows on your daily stroll. You can then share your photos if you like.

Find out more at


We will be adding to this page regularly so do keep visiting and if you have some ideas you’d like to share, please let us know. 

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