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Friday 29th

The RSPB Big Garden and School Birdwatch 2021


We thought the RSPB Big Birdwatch 2021 would be a great opportunity to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature on our doorsteps and in our school grounds (for everyone there) joining everyone from beginner birdwatchers to serious spotters. Find an hour on Friday 29th January to watch and count* the birds that land in your garden.


Print off the I.D sheet to help you identify British garden birds as well as a survey sheet to count the birds that land in your garden (or school site). You are not trying to count every bird in flight above you or spot when one returns to your garden. Instead you should spend an hour watching carefully (perhaps from a warm lounge or kitchen) to see the maximum number of each type of bird at any one time.


*For example, let's say that you saw 8 sparrows land in your garden (no social distancing for birds) at one point early on in the hour. Then you counted again near the end of the hour, seeing 5 sparrows, you would record a final count of 8. The idea is to capture data of how which species have been thriving and which ones are struggling and it is one of the largest surveys of its kind in the world.


Bring nature to you

Join thousands of people taking part to see the drama unfold on your doorstep.

We might not be able to get together with loved ones at the moment, but you can make plans with friends and family to take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey, all from the comfort of your own homes.


Watch the lesson available from Thursday 28th January on the BBC here: